Volunteer Transportation Program

Madison County Office for the Aging, Inc. Needs Volunteer Drivers


Since 1982 the Madison County Office for the Aging, Inc. has been providing rides to medical appointments utilizing volunteer drivers. Last year 52 volunteers drove over 50,000 miles. The program is vital for Madison County's ambulatory seniors who are 60 and over and have no other means of transportation.


If OFA has so many drivers, why are we asking you to join?

Like all of us, the volunteer's situations sometimes change, and they find they are no longer able to drive. Therefore we constantly need others to fill in. This system works because many people are willing to help out on an occasional basis by giving of their time, vehicle and energy to help seniors get the medical care they need to stay healthy.


What does it mean to join as a volunteer driver?

It means you indicate your willingness to be called by the program's coordinator when a request for transportation is received from someone who lives in your area. You will be asked if you would be able to drive on the requested date and time. At that time, you indicate if the appointment will fit into your schedule. The system is set up to respond to the needs of both volunteers and passengers.


Will any of your costs be covered?

Madison County Office for the Aging offers mileage reimbursement for the distance you travel from your home until you return home again.


Just want to volunteer?

No problem, contributions of mileage are greatly appreciated and helps keep the program going.


Hate paperwork?

The Coordinator will work out an easy way to confirm the trips you took to keep paperwork to a minimum.


What about insurance?

While driving for the Senior Transportation Program you will be covered by an excess liability insurance policy under Madison County Office for the Aging, Inc. You must maintain your own automobile insurance with OFA Coverage being secondary. The OFA policy does not provide physical damage coverage for your vehicle; this should be covered by your own policy.


Only want to drive short distances?

Plenty of people need a ride in town.


Never volunteered before?

If you enjoy driving this is a rewarding way to help others in your neighborhood.


Requests for transportation are for routine appointments - not emergencies.


Snow birds welcome - just call when you're available to help.


Please give volunteer driving a try.