Volunteers telephone people who either live alone or are home-bound. Call are usually made once a week or as agreed upon by both parties. Volunteers phone senior citizens who have requested the service. The calls are a safety check made on a regular basis.


What Volunteers Do... As a Tele-Friend you can:

  • Bring relief from loneliness and/or isolation
  • Offer your friendship Share activities and encourage new hobbies
  • Reassure someone living alone Provide a social contact and someone who will listen
  • Check on health and well-being
  • Summon help if needed
  • Volunteer from you own home


Would you like to request a Tele-Friend or refer someone for this community service? Active Volunteer callers are located in most areas of Madison County. These caring individuals welcome the opportunity to meet and share interests with another person.


The volunteers find personal satisfaction from participating in the program. The person requesting the service benefits from the personal contact and socialization.


Office for the Aging will match callers to people who live in the same area with the same telephone exchange. callers are volunteers registered with the Retired and Senior volunteer Program.