Meet the Staff

Meet the Service Staff

Executive Director - Julie Harney

RSVP Director -Annette Clark

Deputy Director -Inez DeGroat

Transportation & HIICAP - Constance Brown

NY Connects & Intake Coordinator - Patty Middleton

Receptionist – Shirley Allen

Fiscal Manager - Sandra Peck

Account Clerk - Colleen Delaney

Case Manager - Sierra Abrams

Case Manager - Caroline Brazeau

Case Manager - Suzanne Geer

Maintenance -William Allen

Care Giver Coordinator- Melanie Liess

NY Connects Coordinator-Jennifer Parker

Aging Services Aide- Christine Wheeler

Meet The Nutrition Staff

Nutrition Program Director - Lisa DeHimer 

Kitchen Supervisor – Mya Ray Halpin

SNACK Food Service – Heather Hannan

SNACK Food Service – Tami Fox

SNACK Food Service – Ronda Lanz

SNACK Food Service – Heather Coffin

SNACK Food Service – Linda Tornberg

SNACK Driver – Paul Catello

SNACK Driver – Charlie Franklin

SNACK Driver - Luke Lucarelli

SNACK Driver – Anthony Mascari

SNACK Driver – Robert Peck

SNACK Driver – Robert White

SNACK Driver – Dan Daley 

Sub SNACK Driver - Bruce Quackenbush

Sub SNACK Driver -Andrew Meacham

SNACK Site Manager – Jeanette Krol

SNACK Site Manager - Sally Hall

SNACK Site Manager Victoria Cain

SNACK Site Manager - Karen Carpenter