The Madison County Office for the Aging provides confidential and objective health insurance counseling services to all Medicare beneficiaries and their families as a part of their Health Insurance Information Counseling Assistance Program (HIICAP).




Medigap (Supplemental) Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C)

Employer/Retiree Plans

Medicare Preventative and Screening Services


Medicare Fraud and Abuse


Are you eligible for the Medicare Savings Program or Extra Help? We can help you apply.


Medicare Savings Program
Extra Help

2020 Eligibility guidelines

Household of one—$1,436 per month
Married couple—$1,940 per month
No resource test

The Medicare Savings Program pays the Medicare Part B premium of $144.60 per month.

Through the Social Security Administration

2020 Eligibility guidelines

Household of one—$1,615 per month
Married couple— $2,175 per month
Resource limits of $14,610 individual, $29,160 couple

Reduces or eliminates the monthly Part D plan premium

Reduces copays for prescriptions to as low as $3.60 for generics and $8.95 for brand-name drugs

Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance coverage (EPIC)


The EPIC program is a New York State program for seniors. It helps more than 327,000 income-eligible seniors aged 65 and older to reduce their out-of-pocket Medicare Part D drug costs. Seniors can apply for EPIC at any time of the year and must be enrolled or eligible to enroll in a Medicare Part D drug plan to receive EPIC benefits and maintain coverage.