Handyman and Home Helper Referral List

Handyman Referral Service:

Handyman Referral List For minor home repairs difficult to do yourself, the Madison County Office for the Aging has a solution for you.


The Office for the Aging offers a handyman referral service; a listing of workers in your area who will help when you don’t necessarily need a skilled carpenter, repairman or contractor.


Always ask for references as well as a written estimate for the job; estimates should include materials, supplies and labor.


Any agreed upon fee is paid directly by you to the handyman. Handymen should have their own additional insurance. A handyman can help with …

  • Yard & walk maintenance
  • Heavy cleaning such as attics, basements & garages
  • Minor home repairs


Need a handyman? Just call the OFA and a listing will be mailed to you!


Hiring a Handyman or Home helper There is no charge for this service. The list of names is mailed and rest is up to you!


Home-Helper Referral Service:

Home helper Referral List A home-helper can do housework, run errands, cook, assist with personal care, help with laundry and provide companionship.


You will need to contact the helper, check references, arrange an interview and negotiate an hourly fee. Salary negotiated is paid directly to the home helper by you. 


Although the minimum wage law does not apply to workers giving only personal care and home care to sick, convalescing and elderly persons, it should be noted when hiring.


Home-helper codes to know:

  •  CHHA - certified home health aid
  • PCA - certified personal care aid
  • CNA certified nurses aid
  • LPN- licensed practical nurse


Need a home-helper? Just call the OFA and a listing will be mailed to you!


Handymen and Home-helpers are not employees of MCOFA.


The Office for the Aging does not recommend, endorse, nor act as the agent for any individual handyman or home-helper listed.



Informational Guide for Hiring a Home-helper or Handyman

 This guide is informational only. It does not serve as an official statement by any of the parties connected with the Home-helper & Handyman programs, nor does it try to interpret any of the rules and regulations of the government units concerned with employment. It merely points out some responsibilities to be aware of, and where to seek specific information.


The Interview: Call person listed, explain the work you need done. Always ask for the names and phone numbers of several references. Reputable workers will gladly supply you with this information. Always check references before hiring anyone.


Insurance: Check with your insurance agent when hiring a home helper or handyman. Homeowners liability insurance may cover injury to part time domestic employees. For information on Worker’s Compensation Insurance contact: Worker’s Compensation Board, State Office Building, 333 E. Washington Street, Syracuse, NY 13202 or call 315-428-4464.


Wages: The amount you pay a home helper or handyman should be discussed before any job starts. If you have any questions or concerns regarding hiring someone to provide a service to you, call or contact: Department of Labor Standards, State Office Building, 333 E. Washington Street, Syracuse, NY 13202 or call 315-428-4057.


Social Security: Home helpers & handymen are self-employed, however, if you feel the need to check into anything concerning social security as it pertains to private hiring, call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213.


Unemployment Insurance: An employer becomes liable for Unemployment Insurance coverage when total cash enumeration within a calendar quarter is paid to a worker. For up-to-date information on cash amount, contact: Unemployment Insurance Tax Service, 450 S. Salina Street, Syracuse, NY 13202 or call 315-479-3385.


Income Tax: There is no requirement for an employer to withhold a portion of the salary for income tax purposes. Workers must report earnings on annual income tax returns. Should the period of employment be longer that six (6) months, it may be wise for both parties to agree on such an action as withholding. For more information call Internal Revenue Service at 1-800-829-1040.


Would you like to be a Home-helper or Handyman?

 If you enjoy being around older& people as well as being helpful, you might find working as a handyman or home-helper to be a rewarding experience. And, at the same time you can earn extra income. Home helpers and handymen are needed in all parts of Madison County.


Where you go is up to you; how many hours you work is also your decision as well as what type of assistance or work you provide.