Caregiver Respite

What is the Family Respite Grant? Respite is short-term, temporary relief from the daily tasks of caregiving. The Family Respite Grant will help a caregiver, financially, with either in-home care, use of a respite bed at a facility, or attendance at an adult day program for a loved one who can not be left alone for any extended period of time. If you are a caregiver in need of some "time off”, Respite could help. 


Why Respite? Respite, a time off from caregiving, is extremely important. It provides relief, protecting your physical and mental health. As a caregiver, the constant attention you must give to your loved one can create a great deal of fatigue and stress. You may experience shortness of temper, sleeplessness, withdrawal from those close to you, family problems, physical ailments, and depression. These are all normal reactions and warning signs that you need a break from your caregiving routine. 


When Can I Use Respite? You can use Respite for a few hours a week, overnight, or longer - when and how you arrange for Respite is up to you. OFA's Respite case manager will discuss the different options available to you for arranging respite services. 


How Do I Apply For Respite? Simply call the Madison County Office for the Aging and ask to speak with a Case Manager/Respite Coordinator. The coordinator will go over the basic policies and procedures of the Respite Program, making a home visit when appropriate. They will also assist with filling out the paperwork necessary to apply for Respite funds as well as explaining all other aspects of the program. 


For more information contact Madison County Office for the Aging Caregiver Respite Program at 697-5700.