Alzheimer`s Disease Counseling and Services


What is Alzheimer's Disease?


 Alzheimer's Disease is an illness which causes a slow progressive loss of the ability to remember, to think clearly and rationally and ultimately to take care of oneself. It is the main cause of what was traditionally called "senility", but is now called dementia. A better understanding of the nature and effects of Alzheimer's has led many of us to realize that much can be done to reduce the disruption and the emotional and/or physical burden on the patient, the family and other caregivers. Many older individuals fail to remember things at times or become confused especially when over-stressed, tired or ill. Most of these symptoms are not caused by Alzheimer's, but by stress or illness. However, when these symptoms continue to occur regularly, or are worsening, it may be appropriate to consider Alzheimer's or another form of dementia as a possible disease. Therefore the diagnosis should be carefully established.


When should I call the Madison County Office for the Aging?

 If your family member shows signs of:

  • Memory loss
  • Personality changes, depression or agitation
  • Disorientation about the time or place
  • Loss of self-care skills and concern about their appearance
  • Difficulty with simple tasks


What can the Office for the Aging do to help?

  •  Provide education/information about the symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease
  • Refer a counselor to assist and educate you and your family
  • Refer you to Central New York Alzheimer's Association for additional information or further assistance if needed
  • Refer you to health care professionals in Geriatrics at SUNY Health Science Center in Syracuse for possible diagnosis and/or care plan


If you are concerned about someone experiencing memory loss, help is as close as you phone. Early diagnosis is very important!